About TCIMT

    At the Russian National Research Medical University named after N.I. Pirogov, in 2011, was opened the Training Center of Innovative Medical Technologies.

    With strong government support for national projects, TCIMT pursues an ambitious goal - to become a leading training center for the training of surgeons, using innovative technology, practical experience and fundamental knowledge gained in a leading medical university in the country.

    Center is equipped with advanced hi-tech equipment that allows training new medical technologies at a high level, relevant to the world standards of surgical training profile. Training programs are designed for surgeons who master an endoscopic surgery and all its modern trends, gynecologists, urologists, plastic surgeons, etc.

    Educational process is hold by the best experts in the fields of applied knowledge. A multilevel system of training involves sequential landmark studies in advanced industries of surgery - from serious theoretical framework to incremental development of practical skills.

    After acquiring the necessary skills, students are directed to medical resources of the University in various clinics in Moscow, where are involved in actual operations. Technical capability of the Centre also includes telemedicine system online meetings and conducting online broadcasts of operational and lecture halls of medical and educational institutions.

    Advantage of the educational center is the possibility of short-term (9 to 72 hours) and longer training cycles, as with a margin, and without interruption from their main job in groups and individually. Provides commercial and grant forms of training.

    Training Center of innovative medical technologies Russian National Research Medical University named after N.I. Pirogov - the best launching pad for surgical professionals, mastering a new technologies, methods, operations, or strengthening their skills.