“To learn and to live are the same thing

 N.I. Pirogov

About us

Training Center of innovative medical technologies equipped with the modern facilities of world leaders in the production of medical products for surgery. The learning process is organized on the basis of experience of the University and the leading European training centers. Training programs are developed in accordance with the professional needs of surgeons of different specialties. Classes are conducted by the experts - leaders in the relevant fields. Read More »

Types of training

Training of specialists optionally lasts as a long course for 10 days, to 2-4 days as a short course or as individual sessions.

Steps of learning

At the 1st stage of practical skills training, students are beginning practice with surgical simulators (boxed simulators).

At the 2nd stage of the training session takes place in the operating DryLab, where students are introduced to the peculiarities of fixed biological tissues.

At the 3rd stage in the operating room WetLab, students perform surgery on the experimental animals under the supervision of the curator.

Surgical specialties

Education activities in TCIMT are conducted in the following specialties: abdominal surgery, gastrointestinal flexible endoscopy, operative urology, arthroscopy, operative gynecology, plastic surgery, thoracic surgery and others.

Clinical anatomy

The performance of surgical procedures is deeply associated with the knowledge of clinical anatomy. In this regard, TCIMT developed a special course on clinical anatomy. A cadaver class is organized as a part of the training program for the microsurgery, plastic and others surgeons. When practicing with cadaver students improve their knowledge of human anatomy and learn different methods of performing surgical procedures on the human body.